Welcome to the Medora Area Plan

The Medora Area Plan will envision how the city and surrounding areas in Billings County will respond to anticipated development pressure over the coming decades.

October 2 Community Workshop is now available

Learn about different future development scenarios and provide input on your preferences. Visit the Get Involved page or click below to view the presentation.

Plan Foundation

The Plan Foundation document will highlight a range of existing and historical conditions data that helps to tell the story of the area’s history and current conditions. This document sets the foundation for the future.


The Plan will be driven by a overarching vision that brings together the aspirations of the various stakeholders in the area. 

Focus Areas

The Plan will have a special focus on certain areas that are expected to experience development pressure and change.

Living Document

The result of the planning process is intended to be a useful document that all stakeholders can use to guide development decisions well into the future.

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